The Restaurant Industry is a cut-throat business where competition is high, and staying on top is a constant struggle.

 Success comes from the simple model of offering remarkable customer service coupled with a great tasting product. All types of strategic methods and tactics are utilized, including differentiation and cost-leadership, yet standing out or even staying relevant in this industry remains a daunting task.
Black Rock Grill dining can give your restaurant that unique competitive advantage and can elevate your business to great heights. It’s a new exciting dining concept that is hitting the world by storm.  Black Rock Grill is a system that allows customers to take control of their own meal by cooking it themselves right at the table. 
The food is cooked at high temperature on a volcanic rock, which itself has been heated to over 440C.



Competitive advantage of Black Rock Grill Dining:

  1. Distinction Black Rock grill dining instantly gives you an edge over your competitor due to its distinctive style and unique USP it will definitely rouse interest and attract new clientèle.
  2. Prompt Delivery It allows you to serve meals in 5-8 minutes from order. It also relieves the pressure on busy shifts in the kitchen as most grilled items can be cooked on the rock.
  3.  Quality Control The Black Rock Grill allows customers to cook their meals to their preferred taste, which ideally means there’ll be no more returned meals.
  4.  Premium dishes Hot Rock meals are quick, entertaining, healthy and sensationally delicious. The even heat retains moisture and nutrients in food and enhances natural flavours.
  5.  Outstanding Experience Black Rock Grill dining offers your customers a captivating experience they won’t forget by bringing theatre and live cooking directly to the table.
  6.  Increased Profits Black Rock Grill dining improves your gross profits by allowing you to add a premium price to dishes on the rock. Meals are made to order as well, reducing wastage and eliminating unnecessary overheads
  7. Healthy Dining The hot stone grill will help you to promote healthy dining as no fat or oil is used. The method is also eco-friendly due to its low carbon emissions.

Try Black Rock Grill Dining today and take your business to the next level.