Exciting Dining Experience with Black Rock Grill

Profit Margins Rock with Black Rock Grill Stone Grilling

The sole reason why people run restaurants is to generate profits, and big ones for that matter. However, the cost of doing business is a challenging factor as it always seems to slim down the margin. Restaurant owners are perpetually trying to break down the numbers in order to find ways to control costs, like cutting back on labour hours or menu re-engineering, but there always seems to be something different that changes the outcome and affects the profit margin. It can be the price of raw material, high employee turnover or price wars with your competitor.


The bottom-line is: You need to do something different. It comes down to differentiation. 
With the cut-throat competition that dominates the restaurant business, and new establishments springing up every other day, the only way any restaurant will experience soaring profits is by standing out through providing unique services.


The Black Rock Grill steak stone dining concept can set you apart and increase your profit margins significantly.


It’s an interactive steak on the stone system that allows customers to take charge of their own meal by cooking it themselves right on their table. The food is cooked at high temperature on a volcanic rock, which itself has been heated to over 440oC /824oF.


Black Rock Grill systems are supplied in different sizes to suit your ambitions. 
Here’s why Profit Margins rock with Black Rock Grill Dining:
  • Its a truly unique concept that will draw more customers
  • Delicious meals - no meals returned as meals are cooked to the customers own satisfaction
  • Reduced kitchen staff costs
  • Increased repeat visits by customers
  • The edge over your competitor
  • Relieves the pressure in the kitchen which means you can get meals out quicker
  • More table turn
  • Charge premium prices for improved food profit margins
  • Improved Gross Profits
Find out who uses our steak stones and try out the Black Rock Grill dining concept today and watch your profits grow!