Summer Al Fresco Dining with Hot Rock Cooking – Black Rock Grill

Exciting Alfresco Summer Time Dining

With spring definitely in the air, and summer just around the corner get prepared for summer evenings dining with family and friends out doors (or indoors too if it is still to chilly)
If the weather turns, its just as enjoyable indoors
 family sitting round table enjoying sizzling hot stone cooking
Take all the guess work away from the bbq cook and let your diners enjoy the experience of cooking their own steak just the way they like it on one of our Black Rock Grill Steak Stone sets. Made to Restaurant standard the steak stone grills will last right through the summer and for many more to come.
The versatility of a Black Rock Grill allows you to serve a real variety of barbecue favourites as well as some more exotic surprises. There is no limit to the menu but your imagination, and as your guests will be doing the cooking for themselves you can really go to town on the choice of fayre.
Steaks & Sizzle – That is what Black Rock Grill is famous for!
Classics such as Ribeye, Fillet, Rump & Sirloin are all preferred before all others, but don’t forget, burgers, sausages, pork chops and poultry too, they can all be cooked to perfection and enjoyed while they are hot and tasty. Ahhh I almost forgot to mention lamb my favourite and seafood too, invite your guests to sear their own salmon and tuna steaks, enjoying their fish just as rare as they like it.
burger cooking on the black rock grill hot stone

Create your own gourmet burger sizzle it on the rock

serlion steak cooking on the hot stone

Every one deserves a Thick Juicy Steak

Vegetarian? Well that's easily taken care of with our Steak Stones
vegetables cooking on the hot rock cooking steak stone
Buttered asparagus, twice cooked corn on the cob, stuffed field mushrooms, chunks of Greek halloumi grilling cheese, seared red peppers or even oozing hot Camembert. Do not fret all your guests can be catered for with a black rock grill.
The options are plentiful to cater to the dietary requirements of all your guests and KIDS cannot get enough of this exciting new dining experience they will consume all the fresh food you can serve up because of the WOW factor this dining experience delivers.