What is Black Rock Grill?

Black Rock Grill is an interactive dining experience that is taking the UK pub and restaurant market by storm. Since the launch of this dining experience, many restaurant operators have seen the benefits of offering their customers a dining experience with a difference.



The Black Rock Grill dining concept allows the restaurant operator to offer live cooking at the table. The customer then cooks their steak, seafood or poultry at the table just the way they like it.
Black Rock Grill establishments benefit from this innovative dining experience as customers keep coming back for more, the taste is so different from normal grilling as the superheated rock (440oC) sears in the natural juices as it cooks giving a unique taste a flavour. Meals stay moist and juicy as the natural flavours are locked in. It really gives the operator an edge over their competitor.
Black Rock Grill has just installed the concept at The Griffin, in Plumtree, Nr Nottingham and its been a huge success for restaurant operator Gary Chambers.
I will be adding reviews of Black Rock Grill in the coming days and posting sites about the country that have installed this dining phenomenon.
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