Black Rock Grill terms and conditions

This competition is for our commercial customers only. If you have any questions about the competition or these terms please email

Entrants must own/run their own food establishment such as a pub, restaurant or bar. To enter the competition the entrants need to send a photo of Black Rock Grill being used outside.

The entrants can get creative with their photo but it must include

  • A Black Rock Grill platter and rock
  • People eating on the Black Rock Grill
  • Be outside
  • The photo must be high quality and taken in good light
  • The subjects must have given permission to have their photo taken and understand that we will use the photo on our website and social media channels. You must also tell them that the photo will be used in a competition.
  • You must also be happy for us to use your photos (even if you don’t win, see below about how we will use your photo).

Even if you do not win the competition, we may still use the photo in our marketing efforts. If this happens, the name of your business will always be mentioned in the post or article.

This is a great opportunity for you to get some content for your own website and social media channels so get creative and get your customers involved.

When you send in your photos please also include your business Twitter and Facebook handle.

If they want to email us with questions please give them our email address:

The prize is 24 Black Rock Grill replacement rocks worth £1000 (excluding VAT). This prize cannot be exchanged for cash or credit.

You must be a customer of Black Rock Grill and have the Black Rock Grill system in your restaurant to qualify.

Opening and closing dates:

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