Put fish on the menu with our sharing stone


Fish platter cooking on a rock


  • Fresh Tuna Steak
  • Fresh Queen Scallops
  • Fresh Tiger Prawns
  • Salmon Steak
  • Langoustine (Large Prawn/ Norway Lobster)

Here we use our stylish sharing stone grill set, which is supplied with two stainless steel burners that keep your stone sizzling hot.

A stunning Sharing Platter of seafood, here we have a mix of Tuna and Salmon Steak accompanied by Tiger Prawns and Queen Scallops and Langoustine

Serve with a crisp salad, baby potatoes and your favourite seafood dips.

Then place in the centre of the table to delighted your guests and family.


Once your volcanic rock is heated to temperature, it is removed from the oven and placed on the stainless steel rock shelf which sits on the bamboo frame. The Black Rock Grill Heat Resistant Gloves are used to remove the rock from the oven safely.

A generous pinch of sea salt flakes is scattered onto the rock, this will crackle on the rock at first, shows the rock is up to temperature, breaks the barrier between the rock and the seafood so it doesn’t stick and also seasons the dish.

Now you’re ready to place your seafood on the rock and take to the table and enjoy!!

*Remember to reorder your Fondue Chafing Cooking Fuel Gel Refills, so your ready to rock whenever you wish*

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