Recipe for the perfect premium fillet steak


Premium Fillet Steak, Chip & Salad cooked on the Premium Steak On the Stone Set

Hi-Res GP6 Fillet Steak, Chips + Salad


  • Fillet Steak
  • Fresh Salad
  • Chips
  • Seasonings and selection of flavoured butters

Here we use our top of the range Premium Steak on the Stone Set, ideal for one person. It is exquisitely made and extremely versatile allowing you to rearrange the porcelain plate and pots depending on your side entrée.

It doesn’t get much simpler…or better, than this. Select a nice central cut of fillet, rustle up your favourite chips and a touch of salad, select your favourite butters, sauces and seasoning and enjoy a meal that you’ll simply never tire of.

Cut off slices and cook to your liking on the  stone. The searing process ensures that large cuts are not quickly cooked through, so if your preference is on the rare side, you can still enjoy your meal exactly as you like. Ideal for dining parties, family meals and a great alternative to a BBQ!

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